Anti-D information: getting started

Many people visit this website looking for Anti-D information. Anti-D is the name of a medicine offered to rhesus negative women who may have been exposed to rhesus positive blood. It’s known as RhoGAM® in the USA.  Anti-D is given…

Home birth after caesarean

Home birth after caesarean (or HBAC) is an increasingly popular option. Women and families know that they will be less subject to monitoring and interference at home. It is thought by some that home birth after caesarean may lead to…

Gestational diabetes

Dr Sara Wickham looks at research into gestational diabetes. This affects many women, but it’s not clear that current diagnosis and treatment is beneficial.

The Language of Birth: Resources

Language is important, and many people have highlighted issues relating to language and birth. This page offers signposts to resources, articles and blog posts available on our website on this topic. It’s our latest information hub, and you can find…

Academic Tips

Our latest information hub gathers together classic articles and blog posts written for and about midwives and midwifery practice by Dr Sara Wickham.