Group B Strep resources

This post offers links to all of the group B strep resources on my website, as well as to some other interesting reviews and articles that are available online. This topic is one that I have been researching for a number of years and I have written a book on this topic, Group B Strep Explained, which has been recently updated.


My articles and informational blog posts on this site (which are all freely available) include:


Potential harms of GBS screening “outweigh benefits”

Updated UK GBS guideline

Group B Strep and Chlorhexidine


Here’s more on my book:

Group B Strep Explained


A few articles:

Giant Breakthrough in Screening or Great Big Stressor?

Screening and the consequences of knowledge

Rethinking Bugs

Who safeguards mothers?

The War on Group B Strep




Some other blog posts related to this topic include:

Bacteria and the Microbiome – Resources


Other freely available online resources include:



photo credit: Polifemus via photopin cc


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