Group B Strep resources

This post offers links to all of the group B strep resources on my website, as well as to some other interesting reviews and articles that are available online. This topic is one that I have been researching for a number of years and I have written a book on this topic, Group B Strep Explained, which has been recently updated.


My articles and informational blog posts on this site (which are all freely available) include:


Potential harms of GBS screening “outweigh benefits”

The problems with GBS screening

Whether and how to treat Group B Strep: the continuing gulf between evidence and practice…

Maternal antibiotics (e.g. for GBS) and imbalance in baby’s gut bacteria

Updated UK GBS guideline


Here’s more on my book:

Group B Strep Explained


A few articles:

Giant Breakthrough in Screening or Great Big Stressor?

Screening and the consequences of knowledge (part one)

Rethinking Bugs (part 1)

Rethinking bugs (part 2)

Who safeguards mothers?

The War on Group B Strep




Some other blog posts related to this topic include:

Bacteria and the Microbiome – Resources

Group B Strep: the realm of mysteries

What do you think about Chlorhexidine?


Other freely available online resources include:



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