Sara is focusing on books and writing at the moment and is not currently taking on any new speaking, consultancy or other projects or roles, live or online. 

We no longer have a contact form for general enquiries, as we found that the amount of time spent answering emails was detracting from our ability to do the work that we think is important. We do not look at DMs or PMs on social media, as we can’t keep up with the volume.

This page offers the answers to all the questions that we are commonly asked.

If you have a question that specifically relates to one of our products or services, such a our seasonal Etsy shop, you can reach someone who can help you directly through those platforms. Please note that our Etsy shop isn’t open year-round. We only open in the few weeks before Christmas.

Please read on to find the answer to other questions.


Our newsletter

How do I sign up to Sara’s newsletter?

Just click here and fill out the form.

You’ll then need to confirm that you want to join our list, so look out for our email.

It may be in your spam/junk folder.

If that happens, it’s worth adding us to your contact list so your email programme knows that we’re a friend. 


Our online courses

When is your next online course?

We’re not running online courses at the moment. If that changes, we’ll post here and let those on our mailing list know.

So sign up to our mailing list if you’d like updates on Sara’s work.  

How do your courses work?

If you find a course you’re interested on, click on the link to read more about it. Each of our courses has a comprehensive information page in which we explain everything.

Can I find out about future books/course dates?

Yes, just sign up for our newsletter. We announce all new courses, books and projects there first. You can also check our online courses page. As soon as we know when we’ll be offering a course, we tell you, so if it’s not on the website then there’s nothing to tell!

I have another question about one of your online courses.

All our available online courses are listed on this page. Each available course has a link (on that page) to a course-specific information page, where you can also register for the course. Please read the course information page, as we have answered every question we can think of on there. Each course page tells you how to get course-specific questions answered if you need more. 


Midwifery questions

I have a question about pregnancy, birth or midwifery care.

We do not offer free midwifery advice or information. That includes information to other health professionals or birth folk. 

Currently, Sara does not have the time to undertake paid consultancy work in this area either. But there is lots of information on my website and in her books.

If you need holistic midwifery advice, we recommend talking to an independent midwife, a holistic doctor or another suitably qualified and experienced professional practitioner.

Do expect to pay for their time.


Books and blogs

Where can I buy your books?

Each of Sara’s books has its own web page where we offer links and information specific to that book.

Are your books available as audiobooks?

Not at the moment. If that changes, we’ll let you know via a blog post and an email to our mailing list. 

I have a question about something in one of your books or blog posts.

I’m sorry, but we don’t have the time to respond to individual queries.

We try to make the information on our site as comprehensive as possible, and Sara and her editors work hard to do the same with her books.

We have a search box on the website and all of Sara’s books contain extensive reference lists where you can get further information.



Can Sara come and speak at our conference / workshop / study day?

Sara does sometimes speak at conferences and study days. She receives lots more invitations for speaking engagements than she is able to accept. Ask as early as possible and send as much information as you can (dates, location, organiser details, topics, times, budget etc). Sara is a professional speaker and will charge a fee. Sara does not speak at events that are sponsored by baby milk or cord blood banking companies/charities. She doesn’t speak at events where the organisers plan to record presentations and sell them afterwards. We will look very closely at events sponsored by other companies to assess whether they fit with our ethics.

Can I have a copy of a presentation I once saw you give?

Sorry, but no. We’re delighted if you enjoyed Sara’s talk (and/or sorry if you were at a birth and missed it), but this is how Sara makes a living. She would not be able to continue to do this if she shared her presentations. She also sometimes uses pictures of women, babies and families who have given their consent to have these shown in professional workshops but not to have them shared, copied or (especially) put on the Internet. Sara always asks people not to take photos of powerpoints or to video presentations for the same reasons. Any videos or photos of Sara’s presentations or powerpoints that are out there have been taken without her consent. In lieu of handing out her work in this form, Sara always offers handouts, notes and/or links to free materials on this website.


Academic questions

I have an academic question about research / evidence / an academic assignment.

We do not offer free academic advice or support.

Sara has a book which offers academic advice and tips: 101 tips for planning, writing and surviving your dissertation. It is suitable for students of any discipline and at any level.


Social media

Why haven’t you answered my PM/DM on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter?

Because we haven’t seen it. We have had to turn the personal messaging systems off on social media because we receive tons more messages than we can keep up with. The vast majority are from people asking for free information or wanting us to promote their service, and we don’t have the time/resources to respond. We have a search box, a whole range of books and more than 20 information hubs.

Please note that, as above, we do not give free personal, professional or academic advice.


Making use of Sara’s work

Can I quote the articles on your website?

Yes, as long as you are within copyright restrictions, which means you can only quote a short excerpt, making clear that it is a quote, and you need to give full credit to the original author.

If you do not know what that means, read this post, which might also help you avoid legal problems.

More info on copyright here too.

Always ensure that you credit the originator of any work, and include a link back to their work.

Please do not put Sara’s words and work into your own branding.

Can I copy and paste your article / post onto my website?


That contravenes copyright law and directly undermines creators (like Sara) and their ability to continue their work.

If you see Sara’s articles on web or file sharing sites other than those of the original publishers, then they are likely to be there without her consent.

But by all means add a link to this website from a relevant page on yours and then we will both benefit.

Please read this post, which might help you.


Reviews and influencing

Can I send you my book?

We don’t encourage people to send books to us because Sara doesn’t usually have time to read or review them. There are lots of wonderful people out there who love to review birth books. If Sara is interested in a book, she will buy it herself or contact the author or publisher to request a copy. The upside of this policy is that, if you see Sara reviewing or raving about a book, you can be certain that she loves it.

Will you review my course, service or business? Or, I want to give you a free thing, place or experience.

Sara doesn’t take on paid promotion or work with commercial organisations. That’s because she wants people to know that they can trust the independence of her view. And she doesn’t have time to do it for free. If you ever see Sara raving about a place, course or service, you can assume that she has used it as a paying customer and just loved it so much that she wants to tell the world. 

Can I advertise on your website?

No. We don’t take any ads, because we want people to know that they can trust the independence of Sara’s view. We do promote Sara’s own books and courses, and we sometimes use affiliate links when we do. What we earn from course and book sales and affiliate links helps us to keep putting out the free content, including the website itself.

Will you write a blog post that promotes or links to my website?

No. See above re independence. If Sara is writing about or linking to something, it’s because she thinks it’s great. Not because anyone is paying her to promote it.

Can I write a blog post for your website?

Only if you’re Mavis Kirkham.

(OK, so it’s possible that an exception to this may be made one day, but we certainly don’t accept guest posts designed to promote products, services or other websites).



Do you have a privacy policy?

Absolutely: it’s here.


Where to find out more

Here are some other things that might help answer your question:

Sara’s most popular book is In Your Own Time: how western medicine controls the start of labour and why this needs to stop.

Sara has also written books for those wanting information about induction of labour, Anti-D, group B strepvitamin K for newbornsbirth-related decision making and birthing your placenta.

We have pages listing Sara’s live events and online courses.

Students or professionals who are looking for academic project support or advice might like to check out Sara’s book, 101 tips for planning, writing and surviving your dissertation.

We have information hubs on a variety of topics.

We’ve got loads more information on the website; if there’s not a hub for what you need, pop a keyword or two into the search box on the top right hand side of the page.


I’ve read and understood all of this and I wish to contact you about something that hasn’t been covered

Our email list subscribers can reply to any of our emails and contact Sara’s office that way.

Please ensure that you have read all of the above before contacting us.

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