I get many more emails than I am able to answer, so have created this page in order to offer some general answers to questions that I am commonly asked and in the hope of saving time for everyone 😀

Can you come and speak at our conference / workshop / study day?

I would love to, though I get lots more invitations for speaking engagements than I am able to accept, so please ask me as early as possible, send as much information as you can (dates, location, topics, times, budget etc) and understand that (a) I am really busy, so it may not be possible on this occasion and (b) I am working completely independently, which is great because it means that no-one else is constraining what I say or influencing the information that I can provide, but I do usually need to charge a professional fee. 

How far ahead do we need to book you?

As far as possible!  Often, speakers get booked for conferences and workshops a year or more in advance, especially where significant travel is involved, and so the more notice you can give, the more likely you are to find speakers that are free.  But the joy of being independent and not having regular committments is that I am occasionally able to do things at shorter notice, so it is sometimes worth asking anyway.

Can I have a copy of your presentation?

Sorry, but no.  I am delighted if you enjoyed my work (and/or sorry if you were at a birth and missed it!), but this is how I make my living, and I would not be able to continue to do this if I shared every presentation that I had spent hours (sometimes days) creating.  Also, I sometimes use pictures of women / babies / families who have given their consent to have these shown in professional workshops but not to have them shared, copied or (especially) put on the Internet.  I always ask people not to take photos of my powerpoints or to video my presentations for the same reasons, so any videos of my presentations or powerpoints that are out there have been taken without my consent. In lieu of handing out my work in this form, I always offer handouts, notes and/or links to free materials on this website and I am now endeavouring to offer a resources page for each session that I teach.

Why haven’t you answered my PM/DM on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram?

Because we haven’t seen it. We have had to turn the personal messaging systems off on social media because we receive tons more messages than we can keep up with. The vast majority are from people asking for time or information, and we just don’t have the time/resources to respond. That’s why we have a search box, online courses, a whole range of books and a contact page, although please be aware that we can’t give free personal, professional or academic advice even if you send enquiries via the contact page.

Can I quote the articles on your website?

Yes, please do (bearing in mind that you can quote small parts but not the whole!), but if the article you want to quote is in a form other than the PDF of the original article from the original journal then you may need to go back to the original to get the exact page number of the lines you want to quote.  

Can I copy and paste your article / post onto my website?

No, please don’t do that, because it directly undermines my ability to do this work.  If you see articles of mine on web or file sharing sites other than those of the original publishers, then they are likely to be there without my consent. But by all means add a link to my website from a relevant page on yours and then we will both benefit 😀

Can I translate one of your articles into my language?

This depends very much on which article, who it is for, who wants to translate it and who the original publisher was.  So please send as many details as possible.  Please understand that it is not usually just up to me and that it may take some time to sort this out.  Sometimes it is easier to write a summary of the main ideas presented in an article in your own words in your own language, which you don’t need permission to do.  You should always be clear that this is what you are doing, however, and include a link to the original.

I have a question about your work or website that you haven’t answered on here!

No worries; send me an email via my contact page and, if I think it might be of use to others too, I will write an answer and add it up on here when I can!  Please note that I don’t have time to answer individual requests for personal or academic advice, sorry! But I wrote this book for anyone needing academic advice.