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Our information hubs


Post-term pregnancy and induction of labour resources

Anti-D resources

Group B Strep resources

Vitamin K Resources

Placental birth resources

Is home birth safe?

Risk and birth

Academic Tips

Oxytocin-related resources

Labour progress resources

Cervical wisdom resources

Resources for questioning vaginal examination

Optimal cord clamping: what’s the evidence?

The benefits of midwifery care

The benefits of water for birth

Midwifery Wisdom and Reflection

The Language of Birth: Resources

Fetal monitoring research resources

A pot pourri of birth-related knitting resources

Bacteria and the Microbiome – Resources

Sharing resources with families…


And here are a few of our most popular articles

Five things parents should know if they decide to decline vitamin K for their baby

Three things I wish every woman knew about pregnancy and birth knowledge

What is a stretch and sweep?

Five questions to ask if you’re offered induction of labour

How to cancel a labour induction?

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