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And for those who would like a little more information…

I have been sharing and writing about birth-related information for more than twenty five years.

I’ve written hundreds of articles and blog posts which are available on this web site. Feel free to surf … there’s a search button at the top.

I’ve also got accounts on social media where I will share things. That’s something we’re doing less of these days, for loads of reasons. You can probably imagine many of them.

But the best tool we have through which to share what I come across in my reading and research is our monthly e-mail round-up newsletter, the Birth Information Update.

What’s in the Birth Information Update?

I summarise and link to the best research studies that I’ve found each month.

I look at one study in a bit more depth, see what’s new from the Cochrane Collaboration and add a few snippets of news.

We also provide links to my recent blog posts and I add a bit of chat about what’s going on in my world.

It’s a way of helping you keep up-to-date which complements my books and teaching. It’s also a resource that you can save and scan through for anything of interest, even months later.

A bit more herstory

This newsletter is a key element of the Birth Information Project, which was initially supported by our crowdfunding friends, who helped by donating towards the costs of the infrastructure while we donated our time.

We still donate our time; the funding is used just for the tech and infrastructure.

The project is still partially heart-funded and we receive no funding from companies who sell pharmaceuticals, technologies, baby products or questionable services like blood banking.

I’m not for sale and I don’t accept influencer requests.

(I got sent some dairy free chocolate once, but that’s the only thing I ever need to declare on conflicts of interest forms.)

We’re not dependent on (and thus inhibited by) such relationships.

Which means I can be honest, and you can trust that I’m not being influenced by individuals, companies or charities who might have goals that are different from yours.

We don’t accept advertising either. If I ever mention a product, book or resource (and we generally don’t mention products, but every rule is there to be broken once in a blue moon) it’s because I genuinely love it.

I NEVER accept money or free stuff in exchange for promotion.

The bottom line

If you use my work to support your own work or decision making and you’d like to help us to keep the free, ad-free and baby product free information available, please buy something from our seasonal Etsy shop of hand-made goodies which we open in the weeks leading up to Christmas, thank you.

You can also support me by buying and recommending my books. Please be aware that, if you run a business, e.g. as a childbirth educator, midwife, hypnobirthing teacher, or doula, it’s not legal to lend books in most countries. If your clients can’t afford to buy a book, point them to the public library. Authors still get paid that way.

Although we haven’t run courses this year, we also make a donation towards the voluntary aspect of our work from every online course we run, so attending one of those (and bringing or sending your colleagues) helps keep the free stuff going too.

But whether or not you’re in the mood to re-home a vagina, or buy birthkit purses (which also have hundreds of other uses!) or other goodies for the people on your gift list, come and join our growing list of people who want to be kept in the loop with up-to-date birth-related research and thinking from a woman-centred perspective.

We look forward to helping you stay up-to-date.

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