Post-term pregnancy and induction of labour resources

This page lists all the resources available from Dr Sara Wickham on the topics of post-term pregnancy and induction of labour.

Sara is an author and researcher who wrote her PhD thesis on post-term pregnancy (completed in 2008).

She has written two bestselling books on induction of labour. They are Inducing Labour: making informed decisions and In Your Own Time: how western medicine controls the start of labour and why this needs to stop.

Sara Wickham speaks all over the world on this topic from the perspective of wanting women and families to make the decisions that are right for them.

She has now written about many other situations in which induction of labour is offered, including for maternal age, maternal BMI, suspected large baby, and gestational diabetes. Sara has also looked at the evidence on how women feel about induction, and has written several posts and articles for those needing to make decisions about induction.

This page lists all of the resources on post-term pregnancy and induction of labour that are available on this website. Please also see her books on induction of labour, written for anyone seeking to learn more or to make the decisions that are right for them.

Sara’s books on induction of labour

Key articles for women and families:

What is the evidence?


Women’s experiences of induction

The other side of the picture

Questioning the Guidance

Research updates and discussion articles

Research articles:


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