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Welcome to my Anti-D information hub, which offers links to all of the Anti-D resources on my website.

This topic is one that I have been researching for many years and I have written a book on this topic, Anti-D Explained.

Anti-D is a medicine made from blood. It is offered to rhesus negative women who may have been exposed to rhesus positive blood. The most likely time for this to happen is during birth. Anti-D is offered at several points during pregnancy and after birth. It is given to prevent the woman becoming sensitised to the rhesus factor, which may cause a problem for any future rhesus positive babies.

Anti-D Explained explains the science behind this area, the history of Anti-D and the research studies that have been carried out to evaluate its effectiveness. She looks at the wider consequences and side effects. Sara takes the reader on a journey through the research, explaining what we know and highlighting the gaps in our knowledge.


My articles and informational blog posts on this site (which are all freely available) include:

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Here’s more on my book:

Anti-D Explained

You can hear me chatting about Anti-D and my book on a podcast which is linked here:

Sara Wickham is in The Midwives’ Cauldron!


An article I wrote on this quite a few years ago now:

Anti-D: exploring midwifery knowledge


And there’s loads more in my book on this topic, which was written to help parents and professionals to understand the science, the issues and the evidence relating to Anti-D.

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