Author: Sara Wickham

My career has included being a home birth midwife, a midwife teacher, a researcher, a writer, a workshop leader, an explainer of research and statistics, a journal editor and a consultant. I have a passion for knowledge in all of its forms and this website is where I share it :)

Induction and ethnicity: what is the evidence?

For the past few years, a series of guideline developments, audit findings, and research studies have led to a number of clinicians and professional bodies arguing that induction of labour at 39 weeks could be justifiably recommended to Black, Asian…

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Sara Wickham. Here’s wishing you a fabulous festive season, and we’ll see you next year!

Home-made birth hearts recipe…

Sara Wickham shares her ‘recipe’ for home-made birth hearts. Can be a childbirth education activity, or just something nice to do for yourself or a friend.

Plus Size Pregnancy book now available!

Dr Sara Wickham’s ‘Plus Size Pregnancy’ book is now available! Have you been told that your pregnancy is high risk simply because you have a higher BMI? Have you been advised that you need extra tests and interventions, or that…