Labour progress resources

This post offers a summary of labour progress resources that are freely available on my website.

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Let’s start with some thoughts on normal birth…

Delivery method and women’s experiences

The most important thing women can do for themselves in the quest for a normal birth?

Who is most at risk of caesarean section?

More evidence on how to keep birth normal



Here are my favourite midwifery thoughts about labour progress:

The stages of labour – bunkum!

The importance of everyday birth wisdom

Defining active labour

Assessing cervical dilatation without VEs: Watching the purple line

Evidence for the purple line…

Cervical dilation is (now mathematically shown to be) unpredictable

What is cervical recoil?

Cervical wisdom resources

Stepping Stones and Cervical Wisdom


A few labour-related articles to ponder:

Distractive Practice

Epidural Fever

Hands-off midwifery and the art of balance


And lastly, a few labour-related tips and midwifery wisdom:

Eight ways of promoting active birth through bedlessness…

Let there be mood lighting…

A Tribute to Tricia’s Lab Cats



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