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Women’s perceptions and experiences of COVID-19

Researchers have just published the first study looking at women’s perceptions of COVID-19 and their healthcare experiences in the UK. This was a qualitative thematic analysis and it was published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. Back in May of this…

The Language of Birth: Resources

Language is important, and many people have highlighted issues relating to language and birth. This page offers signposts to resources, articles and blog posts available on our website on this topic. It’s our latest information hub, and you can find…

Twenty birthkit essentials

Sara Wickham unpacks the birthkit essentials carried by midwifery colleagues and shares some great tips of things you might want to have at a birth.

The Poo Taboo

Sara Wickham presents the results of a conversation amonst women who are also midwives on the topic of poo in labour.