Induction and synchronised swimming…

I love it when people remind me of brilliant ideas and analogies that I had forgotten.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my post-term pregnancy online course participants reminded me of the wonderful and well-loved midwife Mary Cronk’s analogy about induction of labour. It explains why it is that induction often takes far longer than when women go into labour spontaneously, and also why induction sometimes fails.

Mary would say that to imagine that labour, with all its different factors, like hormones and muscles and so on, is like a synchronised swimming team. It all works really beautifully together, she would say.

But induction of labour?

That is like throwing one of the swimmers in the pool and hoping the rest jump in!

Mary is also well known for having a collection of phrases which she taught women to use when their rights weren’t being respected, and you can read them here.

photo credit: Kristopher Roller

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