A pot pourri of birth-related knitting resources

germs1There’s something about the change of weather in the Autumn that makes me want to shift from quilting – my spring, summer and travel craft – to knitting.

I don’t know if it’s the cold, or the changing colours of the leaves, or maybe the happy thought of adding to our tiny knitted snowmen and Santa collection that does it, but I often feel the same urge at this time of the year.

This year, I’m knitting socks, and a few bacteria!

So just in case anyone else feels the same kind of urge, here is a nice relaxing post in which we have gathered together all of the knitting resources on my site.




Passing yarns forward: unravelling the dimensions of knitting and birth


The value of the knitting midwife

A recipe for knitting a hat for a baby…

Incorporating bacteria into childbirth education

Knitted breast patterns and exchange

15 ways to knit a uterus

Reclaiming the Art in Birth


The Elephant Collective: a story of women’s creativity

Stone circles, knitting and yoga…

Five tips for seasonal self-care

Advice for flying when pregnant…

In memory of Marsden Wagner


Come and knit with me at an event! Or while you participate in one of our online courses!
And if you’d like to buy a bit of my knitting and help support the Birth Information Project, take a look at our seasonal Etsy shop!

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