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This information hub gathers together academic tips and blog posts especially for students.

Dr Sara Wickham worked in academia for a number of years before deciding to work independently.

During that time, she taught and supervised hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is still involved in lecturing and advising students from a number of disciplines.

Sara is the author of two books written especially for students. The first is Appraising Research into Childbirth, an interactive workbook which helps make sense of birth-related research in a very hands-on way.

More recently, Sara authored 101 tips for planning, writing and surviving your dissertation, and this hub contains several blog posts which offer tips from that book.

It has been described as an essential book for research candidates!

We hope you enjoy!


Dissertation tips

101 dissertation tips – read the first chapter free

Dissertation tip #51 – use headings to help you find your way

Dissertation tip #55 – Vary your language…

Dissertation tip #72 – if you get bored, get creative…

Dissertation tip #102: don’t reference Wikipedia!

Dissertation tip #103 – proofread what you’ve written…



Blog posts especially for midwifery students

Ten ways I can help midwifery students

Eight things I’d like to share with midwifery students who care…


General academic questions and tips

Ten tips for accessing academic papers online

Seven tips for finding old copies of guidelines

Six principles for effectively managing your research project


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