Pondering the post-birth tea break

I am getting more and more feedback letting me know that my ‘revisiting’ activities are useful because the act of writing posts that link to specific articles and topics is helping people find articles and other content on this site, which is great, and thank you to those who have mentioned it, and I promise that I will intersperse this with some brand new material as and when I have the time 😀

susie teaToday’s new upload also happens to be one of my favourite articles.  It is a piece that had been gestating on my hard drive for a couple of years before it finally got written and published in Birthspirit Midwifery Journal, but I have to believe that it finally emerged at the right time.  The material for it came out of a workshop that I was teaching and, in one of my favourite ways of researching, I simply sat around a tape recorder and chatted with a group of midwives.  It’s not systematic, I am not claiming saturation or any of that other research-y stuff; I am simply offering up the thoughts of midwives on something so everyday that we barely ever discuss it; the postnatal cup of tea that is offered in some cultures after a woman gives birth.  (As Susie Wickham is illustrating by sitting next to a cup of tea in her favourite flower bed in our new garden!)

I think that articles like this are important for a couple of key reasons.  I am a huge fan of meta-analyses and systematic reviews and all such types of knowledge-gathering.  If your question is the kind that they can answer.  small__470552489But it is vital that we also look at different things, and in different ways, because many questions can’t be quantified, or researched via these means.  Other ways of knowing are just as important and valuable, albeit in different ways and in order to generate the possible answers to other kinds of questions, and we need to honour the anecdotal and the personal and the everyday.  The stuff of life itself can be just as important as knowing which drug to choose in a given situation.  Perhaps sometimes even more so…

Here’s the article: Pondering the Post Birth Tea Break

teapot photo credit: Jonathan_W (@whatie) via photopin cc