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Women’s perceptions and experiences of COVID-19

Researchers have just published the first study looking at women’s perceptions of COVID-19 and their healthcare experiences in the UK. This was a qualitative thematic analysis and it was published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. Back in May of this…

Perineal care bundles: clinicians’ concerns

Perineal care bundles are a hot topic right now. The past few weeks have seen the publication of two papers relating to the OASI (or obstetric anal sphincter injury) care bundle that has been under trial in the UK. This…

Gestational diabetes

Dr Sara Wickham looks at research into gestational diabetes. This affects many women, but it’s not clear that current diagnosis and treatment is beneficial.

Evidence comes in many forms

Dr Sara Wickham discusses how evidence comes in many forms. The issue is not which type is most valuable, but whether the method fits the question.