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Induction for big baby: what’s the evidence?

Been offered induction for big baby? Well, let’s start with a really important fact. Researchers admit that, “it is not clear whether it is better for women with big babies to have their labour induced or to wait for labour…

Is home birth safe?

Our home birth information hub – the latest research on the safety of home birth and links to many of Dr Sara Wickham’s articles and blog posts on this.

Which first-time mums are more at risk of caesarean?

Which first-time mums are more at risk of caesarean? There is growing concern about the number of unnecessary caesareans, and the rate of these is especially high in first-time mums. That concern is the reason behind doing the research that…

Birth trauma research

Sara Wickham looks at birth trauma research which highlights the experiences of women and shows how important it is that we look at this area more closely.

What is a labour plateau?

As a midwife, the labour plateau is a phenomenon with which I am very familiar. I have attended mostly physiological births, and it is common to see labour slowing, pausing or even stalling. There are – to put it in…