Tips for physiological birth of the placenta

“I am really supportive of women being able to have a physiological third stage, but I haven’t had many chances to facilitate this and some of you seem to have a lot of experience of it. Would you each share with me a tip or piece of advice?”

small_5248819700This question was asked by a lovely midwife who attended a workshop session on physiological placental birth that I facilitated a year or so ago, and it became the trigger for Top ten tips for facilitating a physiological placental birth, an article in which I catalogued the knowledge and tips that the remainder of the group shared with her.  I’ve just uploaded it to the site, so if you are looking for tips, or just interested in finding out more, you might like to check it out.

Another older but still well-quoted article on here that might be of interest to those seeking information on this area is Further thoughts on the third stage.  Both are free to read and direct others to but, as always, please respect copyright and help me continue my work by not copying or uploading them to your own page, thank you 😀

photo credit: Keoni Cabral  via photopin cc