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Meet Sara

Dr Sara Wickham PhD, RM, MA, PGCert, BA(Hons) is a midwife, speaker, bestselling author and researcher who works independently. Sara is the Director of the Birth Information Project. She divides her working time between speaking, writing, facilitating online courses, creating resources and undertaking a wide variety of consultancy projects and advisory activities.

Sara’s career has been varied and includes more than twenty years of experience as a midwife, lecturer and researcher. She is the author/editor of fifteen books and has edited three midwifery journals. Sara has lectured in more than twenty-five countries. She provides consultancy services for midwifery and health-related organisations around the world.

“Much of what I do draws on my ability to bring together different sources of knowledge, to create and share new ways of seeing and thinking and to inspire others. My work is rooted in a strong academic grounding. It is enhanced by years of wide and varied experience in midwifery practice, education and research, and made diverse and fun because I am by nature creative and enthusiastic.”


What’s here?

  • Online Courses. Sara offers online courses for midwives and birth folk. You can check out Sara’s Online Courses page to see all of those that are currently available. These are a great way of expanding your knowledge, growing your confidence and building your community. We are delighted at how well the courses are being received and recommend early registration, as many become full before they begin.
  • Live Events. Sara speaks at workshops, study days and conferences around the world. If you’d like to attend one, there’s a full list on Sara’s Live Events page. Sara is mostly based in Wiltshire, UK but travels all over the world. Past destinations include Japan, Russia, Trinidad, the USA, Denmark, Australia, Belgium, Iceland, New Zealand and Norway.  
  • Articles. You will find a full list of available articles on the articles page but, because there are so many (and sometimes their titles don’t tell you exactly what they’re about), it can also be helpful to use the search box or click on relevant tags.
  • Blog posts. This site also hosts Sara’s blog, in which she shares and discusses all manner of birth-related information, including recent articles, research studies, information and resources, often with additional commentary or discussion. You can search for blog posts by using the search button to look for specific topics, or scroll back through the archives to see what grabs your attention. You can also follow Sara on Instagram or Facebook.


Heart-funded, free and ad-free!

You will never find any external adverts or sponsored posts on this site. Sara explains why, and how we manage that:

I have always wanted to be able to share good information without charging for everything that I do or taking sponsorship. Yes, I need to make a living, but I created the Birth Information Project so that I could share good information without having to rely on revenue from advertising or funding from institutions or from pharmaceutical, technology, baby milk, baby product or baby blood harvesting companies. 

We launched the Birth Information Project after a successful crowdfunding campaign which involved making and selling hearts and velvet vaginas which we exchanged for donations towards the initial infrastructure of the project.

My husband Chris and I now both donate a day a week of our time to the Birth Information Project and we have so many requests for velvet vaginas and the other craft goodies that Sara makes when she is travelling that we opened an Etsy shop. We are delighted to report that the software and technical expertise that supports the Birth Information Project continues to be funded by the sale of Sara’s velvet vaginas and other home-made (by Sara) craft items, which we sell at our live events and via the Etsy shop.

Hvelvet vaginasuge thanks to the lovely people who support us and help us keep this going.


But wait! Didn’t you once say you wanted to be a bridge engineer?

Yes, I did.

An older version of this page contained the following paragraph which one of my colleagues felt I should bring back so that you can know a bit more about me:

small__2320046815In my free time, I enjoy travelling, quilting and music – sometimes simultaneously! I am also quite partial to campfires, Thai food, dairy-free chocolate and wine. When I grow up, I would like to be either a geophysicist, a bridge engineer (though I only want to build big cool bridges), a quilt shop owner or a drummer.

I haven’t yet decided which it will be!


Here’s hoping you enjoy the website!



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