The Language of Birth: Resources

Language is important, and many people have highlighted issues relating to language and birth. This page offers signposts to resources, articles and blog posts available on our website on this topic. It’s our latest information hub, and you can find all our other information hubs here.

Some of these articles are a few years old now, and things have changed. We have left them here because we are often asked for them and because it can also be useful to look at older discussion articles as a way of seeing how things have changed so much in the past few years.

If you’d like an up-to-date discussion which looks at issues like risk, and a guide to help you navigate the language of birth decisions, you might enjoy “What’s Right For Me?

It’s a guide to help women and families consider birth-related decisions. The book contains friendly but in-depth discussions and loads of tools and ways of thinking. Find out more here.

The words we use…


What’s in a name?

The language of the complicated

The language of birth: crossing the Ts and promoting positivity

The language of information: obscuring choice

Word-thought for the day: replacing risk with chance

Euphemisms and birth: good, bad or ugly?

Women have lives, pregnancies, births and children, NOT obstetric careers!



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