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When this post goes live I will likely be sewing on an aeroplane, on my way to Prague to speak to women, families, midwives and birth folk in the Czech Republic. And I wanted to put a page of resources together for those people who will be attending my workshops, but I know that this is often useful for others as well, especially those who are too busy to read blogs twice a week!

Below are seven of the most popular and/or “recommended for parents-to-be” blog posts on this website, though not in any particular order. They are often recommended by midwives, birth educators, doulas and others involved in birth, or by women and families themselves. So here they are, and I hope you find them useful!

If your own favourite isn’t here, feel free to add it in the comments!

Why birth-related decision making is trickier than ever…

Ten things I wish every woman knew about induction of labour: the article

Positive benefits of physiological birth

The most important thing women can do for themselves in the quest for a normal birth?

Risk: the game of life

What is a stretch and sweep?

And I don’t want to leave out the midwives and birth folk who are coming to my ‘Journeying the Boundaries’ workshop in Prague: here are two pages that you might find really useful:

Post-term pregnancy and induction of labour resources

Labour progress resources

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