Ten ideas for self-care (2)

danceintherainIt’s that time of the month!  The time when I remind everyone (myself included) of the importance of self-care and, as with last month, I have listed ten more random ideas for self-care.  You are invited to pick one or more and put it on your to do list this week or month.  If none of these inspire you, check out last month’s list here.

1. Dance in the rain

2. Start a new craft project

3. Cook a really complicated meal that you’ve always wanted to try and have never had time to

4. Skip somewhere you probably shouldn’t (like to an important meeting)

5. Take a picnic to the woods with someone you love.  Or, if the weather’s not so great, go parking by the sea.

15745845132_e0df63c4636. Take a blanket out into a summer evening and find constellations*

* Those who are reading this in their Winter may need more than one blanket…

7. Have a ridiculously early night

8. Try a new physical activity

9. Treat yourself to a new therapy or bodywork or beauty treatment

10. Re-watch your favourite film


Happy self-care, and please feel free to share your own ideas too 😀

photo credits: Constellation Display via photopin (license)


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