Ten ideas for self-care (1)

7160380741_6cc60e1fc7After I wrote a recent post and article on self-care, I said I would revisit this topic every so often. So here I am again to remind you of the importance of feeding your own soul so that you can continue to feed those around you.

This month, I have made a list of ten random ideas for self-care, and you are invited to pick one or more and put it on your to do list this week or month … with another ten here if these don’t float your boat!

1. Stroke or groom a cat or dog …  borrow one if you need to

2. Teach your (or somebody else’s) kids how to play the game you most loved when you were growing up

3. Buy or borrow a new book … a real one, made from actual paper

4. Take yourself on a tourist bus in your own area and look for places you never knew were there

18717027906_ce78bae81f5. Give yourself permission to look at your to do list and cross out the things that you don’t want to do and that won’t matter anyway

6. Test out a new guided meditation (there are loads of free ones online)

7. Light a scented candle … maybe one you’ve been saving for ages…

8. Go dancing

9. Build a camp fire and toast sausages, s’mores or marshmallows on it

10. Go to ted.com and watch (or listen to) the talk with the title that most interests you

11. Check out some craft porn!


Declaration of interest: if you do number 11 and buy something, it funds the infrastructure that allows me to write and share more posts like this one 😀


Happy self-care! Do scroll down to read some of the lovely ideas that others have added in the comments. And please feel free to share your own suggestions too 😀


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photo credits: Italian Cat via photopin (license) and city sightseeing in unicorn city: san francisco (2012) via photopin (license)


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