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As this post goes live, I will be flying to The Netherlands in order to speak at the Less is More … Oxytocine conference, and I’m really looking forward to seeing everybody who will be there! It seemed like a great time to collate a few of the oxytocin-related resources here on my website, both for participants at the conference and also for anyone else who might find them useful, so here goes…

Let’s start with some of the key indications for oxytocin, because a couple of these are such big topics that I already have resource pages on them; here’s one on induction of labour resources and, on the topic on which I am speaking in Ede, our recently-updated page on placental birth resources. Both of those have loads of links to related articles, blog posts and resources. I’ve also written books on both topics; Inducing labour: making informed decisions and Birthing Your Placenta.

I also have an article called Synthetic oxytocin: looking beyond the benefits, and, if it is being used near you, a blog post looking at recent research into Carbetocin.

On a positive note, some ideas for promoting the flow of a woman’s own oxytocin can be found in Let there be mood lighting, and When the simplest ideas are the best and finally, if you’re looking for something a bit different, you could try Alien environments and the hormone of love!

I’ll be sure to pop a picture or two of our travels on Instagram so, if you’re not going to be there in person, you can see what we’re up to on there!


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