Evidence comes in many forms

Evidence comes in many different forms. It is ridiculous to claim that systematic reviews, randomised controlled trials or any other specific research method are intrinsically any better than any other kind of approach. Different questions or problems require different means and methods of seeking solutions.

If we want to evaluate the effectiveness of a drug, there is no better means than a well-designed clinical trial. But such questions comprise only a tiny proportion of the knowledge needed by those working with pregnant and birthing women.

If we want to explore the wider dimensions, the long-term, the non-physical and the value of creativity, we need to draw upon multiple dimensions of knowing.

We need to match the question in front of us with the best way of finding out the answer.

And if that question is about how people feel, what they know or something else that isn’t quantifiable in numerical terms, then a randomised controlled trial isn’t going to tell us the answer.


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