Five posts you might have missed (or, an excuse to take my birthday off!)

small__8751405926It’s my birthday today! 😀  So first and foremost, a big thank you to my mum, who gave birth to me (at home and, in a feat of statistical improbability, on my due date) quite a few years ago now!

I LOVE my birthday, no matter how old I get, and Chris and I always take the day off together for treats, which can include a mug of dairy-free hot chocolate, a mystery road trip (planned by Chris), lots of noisy music in the car, a visit to a fabric store, a glass or two of prosecco and a Thai meal, so this is posting automatically to let me fit all that self-care in!

And because I know that many of the people who visit this site are far too busy to come here all the time, I thought the occasion might be a good time to repost links to a few of the most popular blog posts that I have written since my last birthday, so that nobody misses what we’ve been up to!

So, in no particular order…

  1. Our most-shared blog post of the past year, Mavis Kirkham’s fabulous article, A Fundamental Contradiction: the business model does not fit midwifery values.
  2. The post/project that I’m probably the proudest of, the announcement that the second edition of my vitamin K book is now available.
  3. Our most shared research update, More evidence that and why induction leads to caesarean sections.  This is still my passion, nearly ten years after I completed my PhD on the topic of midwives’ knowledge about post-term pregnancy.
  4. On a related topic, a small chat about Induction and synchronised swimming, because I love being reminded of things I have forgotten with the passage of time.
  5. And by no means least, the most shared quote that I have posted this year, The true midwives…



I hope there’s something in there that you missed, or had forgotten about.  Or if not, I hope you’ll let me off just for a day 😀  I’ll be back online to catch up tomorrow!

Also, happy birthday to anyone else whose special day is this week, especially Beverley Beech and Mavis Kirkham, whose birthdays happen to fall in the same week as mine! 😀

photo credits: hot chocolate by stratman² via photopin cc and wine by Lotus Carroll via photopin cc

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