Women who have caseload midwifery “feel more proud of themselves”…

midwives rockIt has been a good few weeks since we last saw the publication of a study showing the value of midwife-led care compared to other approaches, so it’s very nice of the BJOG to pop one in their journal to bring a bit of Autumn cheer … or Spring cheer, of course, if you’re in Australia where this study took place.

The study to which I am referring is the latest publication from the COSMOS research team, who have looked at several different questions over the past few years and whose results have been published in a number of other analyses.

Some of the key findings thus far include that:

Data from this research project is also included in the Cochrane systematic review on Midwife-led continuity models versus other models of care for childbearing women, which shows that “women who received midwife-led continuity models of care were less likely to experience intervention and more likely to be satisfied with their care with at least comparable adverse outcomes for women or their infants than women who received other models of care”.


Caseload care is also more positive for women

Although previous results from this research project have already (as above) shown midwife-led care to be effective in reducing the caesarean section rate, another inportant area which the team wanted to look at was the women’s experiences of childbirth. That was the primary focus of this recent paper, and the results show that women who experienced caseload midwifery care “were more positive about their overall birth experience than women in the standard care group (adjusted odds ratio 1.50, 95% CI 1.22–1.84). They also felt more in control during labour, were more proud of themselves, less anxious, and more likely to have a positive experience of pain.” (McLachlan et al 2015)


The most recently published paper is currently available from the authors’ Research Gate profile. I can’t link to it directly, but if you can’t figure out how to search for it yourself, click here 😉  And, of course, if you find these updates useful for you or the women you serve, please feel free to click here and buy my website a coffee 😀


McLachlan HL, Forster DA, Davey M-A et al (2015). The effect of primary midwife-led care on women’s experience of childbirth: results from the COSMOS randomised controlled trial. BJOG, online ahead of print.


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