On birth trauma…

“Whilst for many women pregnancy and birth is a wonderful, life affirming experience, the findings from this study have highlighted how birth trauma can be experienced by women as a culmination of previous life events, pregnancy and birth trauma and resulting concerns around babies wellbeing. This can result in women experiencing a traumatic response to her birth. The disconnect that occurs between the expectations that a woman has when preparing for birthing and motherhood, and the experience itself, can further exacerbate these feelings of trauma.

For the women in this study, how they were cared for by health care professionals throughout the antenatal to postnatal period, directly influenced whether or not women described their experience as traumatic. Research indicates that negative interactions during labour and birth may result in women feeling a lack of control, a lack of support, and feeling vulnerable and frightened, and these feelings are shown to be increased in both caesarean sections and birth trauma.”

– Holly Priddis et al (2017)

Priddis HS, Keedle H and Dahlen H (2017). The Perfect Storm of Trauma: The experiences of women who have experienced birth trauma and subsequently accessed residential parenting services in Australia. Women and Birth.  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.wombi.2017.06.007
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