You were born to do this

“Finally, I want to say to every pregnant woman out there, and every woman who wishes to be: you have within you the great gift of creation. Therein lies enormous power and potential. Aeons of time and tides have pushed against your centre of power – sometimes gently, sometimes not. Only woman can have dominion over birth, yet she is made battle continuously to guard her territory, or to gain access to it.

Every woman has the right to be supported by her healthcare providers in the birth of her choosing – just as she has the best interests of her baby at heart. Your inner compass will show you the way. Look to it. Listen to your intuition. Sit in the centre of your courage: fear may be part of the journey but courage will overcome it every time. And please listen to my words. You were born to do this. You were born to do this.”

Philomena Canning

Philomena was yet another in a long line of midwives who were unjustly disciplined or prosecuted for supporting women in childbirth.

You can read Jo Murphy Lawless’ blog post about Philomena’s amazing story here.


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