“You are your own treat…”

2829278995_76e37af878“A dancing girl is a revolutionary act – even more so if she is dancing alone, at night, in her bedroom, with her headphones on. A girl who knows how to give herself pleasure is a revolutionary girl. A girl drinking champagne – even though many will shake their heads in disapproval – is a revolutionary girl. A girl who likes her body – even if it is lumpy, or too big, or too small – is a revolutionary girl. You’re not doing these things for the group. You’re doing them for you. Today – right now – you are not someone’s problem, nor someone’s asset. You are your own treat. You are your own self.

There is that saying – ‘Drive it like you stole it.’ Women – we should drive our bodies like we stole them. Because we must steal them. We cannot belong to everyone any longer.”

– Caitlin Moran

Moran, C (2016). Caitlin Moran. The Times Magazine. 9th January 2016. p5.

photo credit: Dancelight via photopin (license)

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