“We have reached the limits of the domination of Nature…”

“Today, there is no simple recipe to overcome thousands of years of cultural conditioning. However, I can describe an environment that is compatible with an authentic fetus ejection reflex, even in the case of highly civilized modern women. The reflex is more likely to occur in a small dark room at a comfortable ambient temperature, with nobody around, apart from one low-profile and silent mother figure sitting in a corner.

The popularization of the concept of fetus ejection reflex, as a consequence of a renewed understanding of birth physiology, would be a critical step toward a certain degree of desocialization of childbirth. Can we present authentic midwifery as the art of protecting an environment compatible with a fetus ejection reflex?

The point is to realize that, where childbirth is concerned, we have reached the limits of the domination of Nature. We must analyze the consequences of a deep-rooted lack of understanding of the physiological processes that led to a new phase in the history of socialized birth, with the masculinization and the medicalization of the event. In the age of cheap synthetic oxytocin and safe c-sections, the number of woman – at a global scale – who give birth thanks to the release of what is now considered a cocktail of love hormones is insignificant. What is the future of a humanity born without hormones of love?”

– Michel Odent

Odent M (2018). Is labor a complication of socialized birth? Midwifery Today 128: 10-11.


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Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash