The most challenging thing you will ever do…

“Parenting is, hands down, the most challenging thing you will ever do. It is scary, troubling, enthralling and exciting. It requires long hours, Herculean patience, trust and thousands of other skills and characteristics that our kids deserve and demand. As such, it absolutely requires-requires- us to do so much more than simply go through the motions, checking the block at each milestone and focusing on achievement. It requires us to think with our heads, lead with our hearts, question, learn, listen, and stay in the moment whenever possible.

Regardless of our philosophies on parenting or education – unschooler or not, attachment parenting or not, or whatever your child rearing ideology-parenting really only requires one thing. It requires us to consider our choices and the impact those choices will have on our relationship with our children as well on their futures. It requires that we parent consciously, purposefully, thoughtfully. And regardless of the choices we make, parenting requires us to “really think about it.””

– Jeff Sabo


Sabo J (2017) The guy on the plane. Pathways to Family Wellness 54: 24-25.
photo credit: Daddy-David Comforting a sick baby via photopin (license)

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