Staffing shortages and the culture of midwifery

support midwives“Midwives fear that the deep-seated culture of their profession is under threat. A main source of this threat is the overall and ongoing context of economic stringencies that increasingly impact on their working conditions. This is exacerbated by regulatory and review bodies constantly calling for best possible professional skill and practice. There is, however no indication from these bodies of how best practice can be attained, given the overarching circumstances of the economic pressure on health care and carers. It is necessary to question whether regulatory bodies appreciate the implications of the deteriorating conditions of the midwifery practice environment.”

– Nadine Edwards, Arianna Gilbert, Rosemary Mander, Nessa McHugh, Jo Murphy-Lawless and Jenny Patterson (2016: 16)

Edwards N, Gilbert A, Mander R et al (2016). Are staffing shortages changing the culture of midwifery? TPM 19(3): 12-16)

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  1. Wendy
    March 8, 2016 at 8:54 am

    My team have endured 3 organisational changes, closure of our own maternity unit, change of location, staff reductions & regulatory reviews, audits, changes to practice & a 30% in increase in admin. All this in 6 years. When you make a stand voice your concerns or just buckle under pressure you are singled out for constant performance management. This is despite your clients appreciating you and having faith. I have felt so much pressure it has started to show & i have let stress out in front of a client. I am now asking myself should my journey as a midwife stop here. I entered this profession to care for women. Lately I cant even care for myself. I started on this path eleven years ago & I always said the day I stop giving good care is the day I stop. A happy ship is a productive ship, unfortunately payment by results has become more important than caring for staff or clients. There is so much the public doesnt know.

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