The elephant circle

elephant“We create what we call an elephant circle.  The time, story, energy, prayers, blessings, tears, joys, excitement, soberness and air of holiness that we create while we are together lingers in a field of awareness long after we howl our goodbyes.  That circle of love, where the impossible becomes possible and ease replaces fear and power is built, is the circle that shows up again while the mother is laboring.  I will receive a text message while the moon is high in the sky. “Breathe with me!  My baby is coming to me! Call the elephants to circle!”  Out goes the word and, one by one, strong, caring women who also have birthed in great power rise from their beds and light their altar candles and stand under the moon and squat and sway and call out to the Great Mother in thanksgiving for another life coming among us.  If the labor is long or has an unexpected turn, we might send out the Heidi halo, which is a message that calls the circle of women to greater prayers and greater service.

Later, when the mother returns with her hidden bundle tucked warm near her breast, she sits by the fire and tells us her story.  She will say, “I felt you swaying with me!  I called out to my ancestors and the angels and I heard the voices of women who didn’t give up and I found a power I didn’t know I had.  I breathed deep and long and sounded like a wild animal.”  Each woman nods and recalls her own power journey and the young pregnant women sit wide-eyed, ears perked and souls seeking.”


Sister Morningstar.  Village Prenatals.  Midwifery Today 111: 26-30.


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