Places of trust and “a velvet ear”

“Wimyn need wimyn’s circles. They need places of trust, honesty, innate community building, storytelling and the passing on of wisdom. They need positive energy that can call forth miracle births for those whose lives touch and are touched by ours. They need us! They don’t need another blood pressure and urine check. They need food and love and “a velvet ear” (someone who can listen without distraction, judgment and with sincere interest). They need someone with whom to share their fears and visions and ideal birth. May we find joy together. Support together. Laughter together. May we share our woes and tears and fears together. May we do what we can to preserve and protect the heart and soul of a woman as well as her physical life.”

– Sister MorningStar

MorningStar S (2018). Why do some wimyn die in childbirth? Midwifery Today 127: 28-30.
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Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash