Newborn gazing and the three-foot halo…

3095439361_51e0378c3e“There are not, nor have there ever been, confirming studies to support taking babies from their mothers at birth to suction, cut their cord, listen to their heart, observe them breathing, weigh them, measure them, treat their eyes, give them a vitamin K shot or even to place them skin to skin or be so near that one breathes upon them. To be within a three-foot-halo, as I call it, is to distract the searching eyes from finding one another. To invade that biological sacred space is to intervene in the preservation of a species.”

– Sister MorningStar (2016). The Newly Born. Gazing and human development. Midwifery Today, 116: 9-10.


photo credit: Ma and Babe via photopin (license)

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