Honouring placenta wisdom…

medium_8432867030“I watched babies with short cords ride high until the very moment of emergence and then birth all at once with a placenta on their heels.  I watched labours with low-lying placentas progress so slowly only to go complete all at once with a gush of blood and baby in tow.  I watched babies with triple nuchal cords be born in their bag of waters.  I watched over and over again as nature preserved the living with an intelligence that outwitted every human plan.”

– Sister Morningstar


Sometimes I wonder how many of the women and babies whose labours get interfered with in the name of risk management would be fine if only we gave nature the chance to outwit our plans more often…

More on the placenta and related wisdom in my updated book, Birthing Your Placenta.

Sister Morningstar (2014).  Honouring Placenta Wisdom.  Midwifery Today, 109: 26-27.


photo credit: arcreyes  via photopin cc