Midwives are heroes…

Midwives are heroes…

“Being a midwife is similar to being an Apache pilot. That may sound strange, but it’s true. One may suppose flying gunships in combat as far removed from delivering babies as can possibly be, but the truth is, there are strong parallels. Both require remaining calm under immense pressure. Both require many years of demanding education. Both require courage and great technical skill. Both require making decisions which can literally mean life or death—where, if you make a mistake, a human being—be it a man alive for 60 years or a baby girl alive for 60 seconds—can die in your hands.

Midwifery is a calling.

Midwifery is a life dedicated to the service of others.

Midwives are heroes.”

– Steve Osterholzer. Apache pilot, Midwife’s husband

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And you can see the book that I worked on with Kim here!

Homebirth: Safe & Sacred

Photo credit: Steve Osterholzer