Knowing the way…

“Today a pregnant womyn who wants a loving presence, no interventions, and a sense of excitement and joy for the upcoming mystery has to birth against a modern current of pressure bigger than a tsunami: a force that finds its power via evidence. Evidence that she is little equipped to push back against, having been raised to bow down to it. Few are the little girls who talk back and get praised for it. Who escape the prison doors of institutionalized education where they learn to listen and repeat. Who run wild alongside the Mexican pilgrims climbing the wild forest hills of Guana-juato. Who see their fierce grandmothers using machete to harvest food or reeds for baskets. Who run in the meadow as far as they can go and climb the trees and swim in the creeks. Who dance with the wild mothers under the moon, deep in the forest, deep into the night. Whose power grows as they grow. Few are they and few are those who find a way back home to their rightful instincts, so that when it comes time to birth a baby or birth a creative fire or birth themselves into the next life they have confidence and know the way. Few who know the wisdom way of their own soul. Who know what is right for them. And what is not right for them.”

– Sister MorningStar


Sister MorningStar (2018). The failure of evidence-based intellect in protecting the sacred feminine. Midwifery Today 125: 40.
Photo by Jose Llamas on Unsplash

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