In celebration of plateaus

The best article I read this month was by Elizabeth Davis, who wrote about plateaus, comparing how these occur both during birth and sex. I just had to share this quote:

“I suggest we reframe plateaus as being both physically and psychologically purposeful, rather than worrisome or in need of a remedy. Returning to the subject of plateaus during sexual activity, I’ve spoken to many women who said they felt judged or pushed by partners who did not understand what they were doing in these integrative moments; in fact I once had a partner who said outright (and in the middle of the act), “You’re not progressing!” Needless to say, that stopped the action – just as it does in labour, when women are pushed with repeated exams and threats of interventions unless they dilate according to the Friedman Curve.”

Davis E (2018). Labor plateaus and our sexual nature. Midwifery Today. 127: 14-16.


Photo by Laura Ockel on Unsplash

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