Human rights in childbirth are meant for all peoples

29266175733_ce195262a7When a biological function such as birth is forbidden or restricted, as we see in hospital or practice protocols; when threats, coercion, lies, bullying and disparity become common place, as we see in such statements as, “So, you just want to hold a dead baby”; when abnormal becomes the norm, as we see in rates of inductions and caesareans, then reclamation becomes political. If the preservation of normal birth is to survive beyond the underground, then rights must be upheld legally. Human rights are not always legal rights, but legal rights are meant to uphold human rights. Human rights in childbirth are meant for all peoples – indigenous peoples too, whose ways may be unfamiliar or unobservable by dominant cultures.

– Sister MorningStar

MorningStar S (2016). What if, what for and what now? Midwifery Today 119: 16-18.

photo credit: Rod Waddington Indian Woman, Chiapas, Mx via photopin (license)

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