“Get those consumers out of the bushes”

29322349950_06fbdffbd5When midwife Susanne Houd was interviewed about the history of home birth in Denmark, she shared her thoughts on how to bring about change..

“The consumers need to get together and get visible. That is really the number one thing. It is fine if there is a little midwife here and other little midwife there doing a fantastic work, but if they do not work closely together with the consumers, it is too much. I also worked in New Zealand for some years and the system was terrible, back in the ’70s. Now they are one of the best midwifery systems in the World. Why? Because consumers and midwives worked together. It was almost going down the drain in the ’80s, but then they turned out ok. It was the same in Canada. You have to get those consumers out of the bushes, really. And they have to work, they have to confront the politicians, they have to write things, they have to write in the papers, they have to send pictures, they have to do all these kinds of things. Use Facebook, whatever. That is the only way to do it.”

– Susanne Houd

photo credit: Dakiny Women with A Parasol : 日傘の女性 via photopin (license)

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