“Everything matters to a pregnant woman…”

26462658026_9ec621bd0f(2)“Listening to a mother is the most important skill of midwifery. Asking her questions is the second most important. Third is making unrushed time together in nature with a bit of privacy so the important matters can be discussed. Everything matters to a pregnant woman – her health, her dreams, her fears, her stresses, her food, her relationships, her resources, her plans, her shelter, her sleep, her ideal birth, how her mother was born and how she was born. Too many things that matter to a mother have become rushed or eliminated in our modern health care system, including within midwifery education and practice. Everything that has become a diagnostic evaluator with a number that fits into a box has taken the place of what matters most to women who become mothers. These numbers, which create arbitrary barriers to basic human rights, now take up most of the time in the prenatal visit and in the labor and birth room.”

MorningStar S (2016) Hands on, hands off. Midwifing the inner life of women. Midwifery Today 118: 9-13.
photo credit: Giusy, wk33.6 via photopin (license)

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  1. August 12, 2016 at 8:05 am

    so true!

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