Dreams help…

“A womyn’s body is like a flower in nature. Some wimyn have had their petals forced open, physically or emotionally. Some wimyn have known the opening of their petals in ripe timing, according to their own desires. Either way, dreams help. They are from a mother’s own making, which in itself gives her great power and authority. We are like an invited guest to a mother’s dreamwork. With calm attention we become a witness to her truth telling. We can learn to ask helpful questions that lead her to an intimate relationship with her own power and intuitive knowing.

Demons are our fears. They visit us during moments of vulnerability and isolation. Within dreams they are like skeletons that come out of the closet at night and rattle at the foot of our bed, scaring the bejiggers out of us. Given the attention they demand, fears enhance self-awareness and wholeness. This transforming opportunity is greatly aided by the use of dreams as well as open dialogue or meditation or prayer.

During pregnancy, fears can serve a mother. They issue forth from her past experiences and her innate nature and alert her to danger. In this way, they are friends, not foes from whom the mother must fight or flee. They are part of her deep instinct. … Mastering the fear builds a bridge from ‘dis-ease’ to ‘self-ease.'”


– Sister MorningStar

MorningStar S (2019). Dreams, Demons and Desires. Midwifery Today 130: 8-11.

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Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash