“Birth is the beginning of everything else.”

“No one has to teach instinct. These behaviors are innate and universal. They are meant to be undisturbed and, ideally, unobserved. They are nature’s life-saving imprint for lifelong health and bonding. Most of our planet’s babies today are imprinted with plastic, metal, pain, strangers, machine sounds, and contaminated air. Their oxygenated cords are cut prematurely and their body’s organs must process induction drugs, antibiotics and injections before they have a chance for a clean first breath. Mothers are distanced from their babies by fear, strangers, professionals, protocols, routines, standards of care, machine lines, drugged bodies and minds, and an utter failure in mammalian instinct. How did mothers get persuaded to make such a poor bargain in childbirth?

The power of wimyn matters to me. Birth is the beginning of everything else.”

– Sister MorningStar

MorningStar S (2018). Newborn first breaths: the primal movements of lifelong bonding, imprinting and well-being. Midwifery Today 128: 12-14.


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Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash