Thank you, Essentially MIDIRS

I was the founding Editor of Essentially MIDIRS and a past Editor of MIDIRS Midwifery Digest.  However, along with my colleagues Nadine Edwards and Becky Reed (editors of the Digest at that time), the entire Essentially MIDIRS Advisory Panel (Ina…

Blaming the baby

When parents are led to believe that their newborn baby is ‘at fault’ for a health condition or situation, what implications does this have?

A Crying Shame

Sara Wickham laments the launch of more technology which aims to usurp their knowledge and instead tell them what it thinks their baby needs.

Weighing the Dangers

Sara Wickham looks at the WHO Child Growth Standards and asks why there is a discrepancy between them and mothers’ and midwives’ experience.

Spin-Based Practice

Why do some ‘facts’ and ‘findings’ get shared and publicised more than others? Dr Sara Wickham looks at the concept of spin in relation to birth knowledge.


Sara Wickham debates the language of pain relief in labour, and asks how we can get better information out about the benefits and risks of this.

The big pregnancy brain mush myth

Researchers at a recent British Psychological Society conference claim to have refuted the ‘myth’ that women’s mental capacities diminish during pregnancy (HMG Worldwide Ltd 2003). Their small study investigated whether there was any justification in the idea that pregnant women…

National breech rescue

I have talked to three women this month whose birth plans have, in one way or another, been altered by their baby turning breech. Two had planned home births, only to find that the local support available for women having…

Are we nearly there yet?

If one believes in the more radical versions of quantum theory (or watches enough Star Trek), there must be a parallel reality somewhere in which British midwives are very excited about the year 2003.  In this alternate universe, midwives all…


Hello!  This website began life as a repository rather than a blog. As a (then) academic, I was continually being asked for copies of articles that I had written, and began (with the kind permission of the original publishers) making…