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14582059507_22946e955eEarlier this year, at a normal birth workshop, one of the participants asked me if I would consider making a page of little ‘adverts’ for my website, as she said she would find it helpful to be able to print a few sheets out, cut them up and then have a handy business-card(ish) sized snippet of paper to give out to women who she was recommending my site to.  What a great idea, I thought, and I promised her I would put it on my list and do something about it one day.

And that day came last week!  I made a couple of different prototypes of tiny handouts that you can, if you would like to, print and give out to friends, clients or random strangers on the tube who you think might enjoy my website, or whom you want to direct to specific information or articles on here…  The handouts are in PDF format and I have made them both in A4 size and US letter size:

A4 size snippets

US letter size snippets

Please do let me know if these are of use, or if a different format might be better.  And thank you to the lovely people who have bought hearts and/or donated to my gofundme campaign, as it is their contributions which are enabling me to do things like this and keep the free info online 🙂  If you’d like to join them and support my work, then please click here to donate 😀

photo credit: 48233483@N00 via photopin (license)

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