Hello, my name is Sara Wickham. And I’m delighted you’re visiting my website.

I’m a midwife who has also worked in midwifery education, publishing and research.

I’ve got both a PhD and a holistic, heart-centred approach to birth and midwifery.

I use this combination to help midwives, doctors, birth folk and others to keep updated and abreast of the latest research and thinking, through online courses, live events and books.

I also run a heart-funded Birth Information Project, whose aim is to share up-to-date, evidence-based and woman-centred information with women and families. I donate a day a week to this project and the infrastructure is funded by a very special craft shop!

There are more than 500 pages of free information on my web site.

So if you have a question, pop a keyword or two in the search box – you just might find something that will help!


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One of the things I do for The Birth Information Project is to share new birth-related research findings via social media, mainly Instagram and Facebook. And once a month, we gather everything I have found and share it in our Birth Information Update. You can sign up to that here. It’s totally free, but you can help support it and keep it going by buying our craft goodies!


And if you’re a midwife, doula or birth worker and you’d like to sample our online course platform…

We are currently offering a free, self-study online course called “Tips and Tools for your journey into birth-related research.”

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