The slow dance of birth (Fæðingadans)

faedingadansDuring my recent workshop in Iceland, one of the midwives told us that she had made a youtube video featuring birth photos. As you might imagine, we were all very keen to see it and we put it on during one of the breaks.

We loved it, and the midwife who put it together, Harpa Ósk, later shared her story with me so that I could share it and the video with you…


The song’s author, Svavar Knútur, an Icelandic singer songwriter, wrote the song and lyrics inspired from his wife’s labour notes and his own memories and experience when they had their baby.

The song inspired me. I was currently working on a photo album for our website. When I heard the song on the radio, all those pictures of labouring women just came floating in my mind. I contacted Svavar Knútur, and he was so happy that someone got and appreciated what that song meant.

The photos in the video are all shared by the women and their partners: they are all from homebirths attended by the midwives Arney Þórarinsdóttir and Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir, and I work with them in Björkin. Right now we are working on the first birth center in Iceland for 20 years 🙂

My hope for the video is to show women and their partners, especially young women that have been taught to be afraid of giving birth, that birth has highs and lows, it takes time and hard work, but with the right mindset, good support and positive attitude you can go through it and have this amazing and empowering experience.


Here’s the video, Fæðingadans or, in English, The Slow Dance of Birth. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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