Knitted breast patterns and exchange

small_5264877190I just wanted to share a post I spotted on Knit for Peace earlier this week, which links to a couple of free patterns for knitted breasts and offers to get them to the right people.  So if you have a desire to knit breasts and no-one to knit them for, or if you have a need but no knitters, get in touch with Knit for Peace and they will do the middle bit!

Other links on this topic which offer patterns and/or good causes to knit breasts for include (and I will attempt to open the comments on this post in case anyone wants to share more):

The tit bits pattern on

The Knitted Knockers programme which provides comfy knitted breasts for breast cancer survivors.

A crocheted breast pattern for those who prefer one needle to two!

Happy knitting!

photo credit: woolbrain knitter via photopin cc

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