Knitted breast patterns and exchange

As autumn is now well underway in the northern hemisphere, knitting season is in full swing. Although I have to be honest and say that I have been knitting throughout the year, and probably have made more socks in 2020 than I will ever make in a single year for the rest of my life! (See pic: that’s what I do while I’m in video meetings.)

If you run out of people to knit socks for, and/or you like to knit for good causes, there are loads of people, groups, organisations and charities who would love your help.

This post shares details of a few charities who love knitted or crocheted breasts, and also some free patterns that you can use.

Things are a bit different for many charities at the moment, and they may not be able to accept items right away. But you can still knit things and put them to one side for when they can accept your knitted goodies again! And if you’re involved with a charity that is looking for knitted goodies, feel free to post under this and let people know!


A few ideas

Let’s start with Midwives Ethiopia, who love having knitted breasts (and uteri and baby hats) that they can use in teaching and donate to rural health posts and families. (They may not be able to accept donations right now, but you can knit away and save them for when they are able to do so.)

Knitted breasts are also popular with lactation consultants, breastfeeding support midwives and breastfeeding peer supporters. Local social media pages are a great place to connect with those in your area.

Knit for Peace takes donations of a whole variety of things, but please check their page first as what they need does change from time to time.

The Knitted Knockers programme provides comfy knitted breasts for breast cancer survivors.

If baby blankets are more your thing, here’s Project Linus, and here’s a page which lists all kinds of other charities who need knitting volunteers.

And if you have a suggestion of another good cause, just comment!



Knitted breast patterns

But how to knit or crochet a breast?!

Well, Knit for Peace have a couple of free patterns for knitted breasts.

As do Lactation Consultants of Great Britain.

Here’s the tit bits pattern on

And a crocheted breast pattern for those who prefer one needle to two!

Knitted knockers also offer patterns and tutorials.

Finally, Ravelry is an absolute treasure trove of patterns. Some are free and some you can buy, which helps creators to find the time it takes to create. Here’s just one example of a popular knitted breast recipe, and, just for fun, a pattern for knitting a breast hat for a baby!

Happy knitting/crocheting!



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